"As the earth and the moon move through space and time around the sun, 
our position also changes within this shifting triangle of spheres." 

~Luke Jerram, Tides~

Time and Tide uses storytelling to explain Christchurch Harbour's double high tide and the role that it plays within the area. Young people have been involved in exploring and developing the concept of the tides and the role they play in the local area into a storyline and performance piece with storyteller Martin Maudsley. We've been working with scientists and engineers studying and managing the harbour to explore the science and environment of Christchurch Harbour as well as interacting with scientists and engineers working in and around the harbour.

The seed for Time and Tide was planted by Professor Ken George during physical oceanography
lectures some 20 years ago, conjecturing about potential links between ley lines passing through
Stonehenge and a theoretical inland amphidromic point (point of no tide) nearby. When Jan Peters moved to Christchurch and began windsurfing and benefiting from the extended tide in the harbour, she became aware of local opinion that this was caused by the presence of the Isle of Wight and began considering how to improve the appreciation of the harbour and its double high tide.

Time and Tide has engaged widely across Christchurch, drawing independent adults and young
people together in Saturday Science Club, workshops and seminars and culminating in a Science Fair and performance. Scientific support has been provided through the National Oceanography Centre and the Universities of Southampton (Macronutrient Project) and Bournemouth.

The project funding is from the Department for Business Innovation and Skills' Community Challenge grant scheme.

Contact: Time and Tide is organised by Katalytik Ltd.
or call 0797 4011278
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