Project TNT - for kids

CAYP in partnership with KatalytiK, a local science based group, are running a free 9 week Saturday morning club for 8 -12 year olds based on all things watery and sea-like exploring things about Christchurch harbour. The club is called TnT -Time and Tide and will take place at Somerford Youth Club from 10 am-12pm starting Saturday 10th January.

Consent medical and emergency contact forms will need to be filled out.

Participants will need drinks and snacks each week.

Those who attend will have a chance to present what they have done at the club at an event which will be held in Saxon Square on Saturday 21 March.
The club will also involve some of our DofE participants who will be undertaking this project as part of their DofE Award and who will also be working to gain a prestigious science CREST award.

For more information or to book a place please contact Jae on 07785 9354928.

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