Project TNT - Wk3

With thanks to Highcliffe School the scarcity of pipettes was resolved and the requested re-run of penny drops was a huge success. The first part of the practical session was devoted to further investigation of floating and sinking, density and surface tension.

A leader board for the number of drops of water on a penny saw 50 drops on one penny! Everyone was able to make their own rainbow by layering different concentrations of salt solution before we set about designing and making boats. Next week we’ll be racing them down a tank and they have to safely carry six pennies.

This week we introduced activity books and stickers, adding in pictures and diagrams to explain the science and capture the memories of all the things we are exploring each week.

With plenty of helpers there is space for a few others to join in this friendly group! Contact Jae Harris at CAYP on 07785 935928or just turn up and complete the medical forms.
Thanks to Tina, Mandy and Tracey for the toast!

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