The Harbour Environment

The unique form of Christchurch harbour with its narrow entrance - The Run – two high flowing rivers entering it and the double high tide have created a unique environment enjoyed by many over centuries, boosting the local economy
When the tide comes in it pushes back at the freshwater flooding down the rivers.
Sailors and windsurfers can enjoy a safe expanse of water for up to six hours per tide cycle instead of just two hours. Boat builders, boatyards and sailing clubs are just some of the businesses that have grown around the harbour.
The nutrient rich waters of the rivers that feed the harbour spill out into the bay providing a rich feeding ground for fish and sport for anglers. Ancient fishing practices used the narrow entrance to trap salmon in nets spread across The Run.
Smugglers made use of the harbour and the longer tide that enabled them to travel up the river and hide contraband.
Coastal engineers work tirelessly to maintain a range of defences and prevent flooding in Mudeford and Christchurch
Nature lovers enjoy the sanctuary and rich diversity of wild life found on Stanpit Marsh and Hengistbury Head

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