Fair success!

Saturday's Fair in Saxon Square was a tremendous success with nearly 600 people passing through the Christchurch Community Partnership Marquee plus three dogs and our oldest participant was 94 years young. As well as a great showing by the TNT science club participants and helpers we were joined by Friends of Stanpit Marsh and Genoveva Esteban of Bournemouth University and Professor Vince May.

Team CAYP, led by Jae Harris, made sure the day got off to a great start by getting the marquee up efficiently!

Through the day a range of science experiments were available; these were chosen by the TNT participants. We explored how the density of water changes when you add salt; made Cartesian divers and looked at surface tension. Inspired by monsters and creatures from the deep there was plenty of slime to be made as well as using molecular gastronomy techniques to make fish eggs and worms.

Genoveva brought along four microscopes showing amoeba and plankton wriggling around under the lenses.

Martin Madusley ran two story telling sessions in the Library and did more informal storytelling around the craft and clay table.

A full report and collation of comments will be available soon.

We've been delighted with the response and enthusiasm for finding out more about our local environment and the double high tide.

A huge thanks to all those who came along and helped make the day such a great success!

There will be a final story performance on 30th April at Ye Old George Inn, Christchurch

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