Tides talked

On Tuesday 24 March, Highcliffe Sailing Club was full to the gunnells (93 people) to hear from storyteller, Martin Maudsley and oceanographer and coastal scientist Ivan Haigh.

Ivan managed, with just one equation and a whole series of fabulous graphics, to explain the effect of the moon and sun on our tides and how friction, inertia and land constrain and distort the way the tide comes in and goes out. It seems the Isle of Wight has nothing to do with the double high tide, despite it being a commonly held myth. The main reason is the tides sweep up along the south coast through the channel, hit Holland and then bounce right back, giving the second tide.

Martin told the story of Raven and the very first tide, and then followed this up with how we have been working with young people to explore other myths, stories and impacts of the double high tide.

Calls for more such events will be considered!

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